What are google voice numbers accounts and how to use it?

What is Google Voice?

It is a voicemail service that Google provides, which enables the customer to their voicemail customizing, send free SMS, read text transcript of voicemail and many other things.


What is Google Voice Accounts?

Google Voice number account offers one number to the user, which receives the phone calls from all the other several phones. The Google voice number’s user has the facility that when a user having a call on Google voice no. then it can also ring on the other mobile or landline phones, or just limited phones that are selected by the user.


Google Voice Lite

Google Voice Lite or only Voicemail offers one voicemail for entire cell phones. The customer can also include his existing contact number to the account of Google voice. With this app, the voicemail of user will act like email; the messages of voicemail can be saved in Google Voice inbox of the user and can be retrieved online and through phones.


Number Porting

Number porting application offers to port contact no to Google voice no. this feature provides access to all the Google voice no’s customizable options without getting a new voice number.


How to Use Google Voice

When users or customer do Google Voice sign up, the user has one contact number, which is linked to other locations and devices, desk phones, VoIP lines, and work phone numbers. By this user can handle all of the other phones with just one voice number, the user can also decide that which phone will ring on particular callers.

Maximum of the feature of Google voice is free except some features that are available for paid users such as call recording.


Features of Google Voice:


  • Before the answer a call, you can listen to it on a voicemail
  • Have the option to set particular phones ringing on selected caller
  • Call routing
  • Voicemail transcripts
  • Inexpensive international calls
  • call recording
  • Notice of voicemail through message or email
  • Customize voicemail welcome for selected callers
  • Call blocking
  • Free Google Voice message
  • Conference calling
  • Phone devices switching during a call
  • Free PC-to-PC video and voice calls worldwide

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