Top Ten ways to make yourself a Gmail genius

Use IFTTT to broaden Gmail’s horizons

If This Then That (IFTTT) is an inventive system that works as an interface between the Gmail
account and number of other services and apps. For e.g., you can use IFTTT to save emails to
Dropbox automatically. It can also attach to smart home devices such as a thermostat; you will get
an email if the temperature dropdown from a certain point. This service is free; you have to sign up
at for “applets” that will add a new useful thing to Gmail.

Show what you want to see

Do you want to set your Gmail inbox to see in a brief look? Firstly, click at the cog-wheel that is at
the upper right side of the Gmail web interface. After it selects “compact” to decrease the space
between items. If you want to see more conversations on per page, firstly click on the cog after it
selects: “settings” to open configuration page of Gmail. You will see a “maximum page size” setting
under “general,” increase it to 100. To apply your preferences, click on save changes.

Reminder for the email later

Emails can receive at unhelpful minutes. The Boomerang extension allows you to postpone incoming
emails. Messages disappear from the inbox and then come after a definite time. You also have the
option to delay sending emails. The free subscription of Boomerang extension only works at web,
but if you want to use it on mobile, you need $5 monthly subscription.

Use Google Drive to for attachment

Users have an option for attachments up to 25 MB per email. But waste space messages could be
rejected by other email services. In Google Drive, you need to click on the drive icon and select a file
to share. If these are pictures, use the Google photos application for iOS and Android. Any photo you
click on your mobile is automatically uploaded to Google’s servers, and photos can be inserted into
your email messages through insert photo icon of Gmail.

Create calendar appointments

Gmail automatically recognize your booking for a journey or an event and copies the all details into
Google Calendar. You can also make an entry, click on the “more” dropdown and select “create

The chit-chat – send money

Gmail is not only for the electronic messages. You can use it to send hard cash in the US or UK to
anyone. If you want to use it, click on the pound sign at the “compose” window. Payment options
will show after it enters an amount that you want to send after it clicks “review” then “attach” to set
in a payment link in your email.Google Wallet can also use to request money.

Why email when you can eyeball?

We know about the Gmail’s built-in chat client that is known as Google Hangouts. With the regular
messaging, it also supports video calls and live voice. You have the choice to add people up to 25 in a
video call.

Gmail’s search capabilities

Gmail gives you options to store a vast archive of email, but stalking for an explicit message can be
tricky. The trick is the use of advanced search of Gmail. Click at the search bar, and a drop-down will
appear. After clicking it, you will see options for narrow down your search to emails from a definite
sender within a specific date range.

Brush up your security

Worried you’ve left yourself logged into Gmail on a work laptop or a friend’s PC? Check for forgotten
sessions by scrolling to the bottom of your inbox and clicking the tiny “details” link. This will show
you a breakdown of recent activity, and provides a button to sign you out from any other locations
instantly. To keep trackers on your account, the right idea is that you should enable two-step verification, so
your account will need approval from your phone for new logins.

Customize your sending options

Want to keep your Gmail inbox organized? Go for general settings and enable “show ‘send &
archive’ button in reply.” After it, when you respond to an incoming email, you will have a new
option to send your message and to archive your conversation. Archived messages disappear from
your account but still, show in search results and in “all mail” view. If you get any reply to an
archived email, it will pop back into Gmail inbox.
Try to use these top ten hacks to make yourself Gmail genius and hope it will be helpful for you.