Top 10 New Features of Gmail

Gmail is the most popular email service in the world with more than 30% of users. The reasons besides are that Gmail introducing new features according to the needs and requirements of users. Recently, Gmail introduced its new features that are very helpful for users. You can see some important features of Gmail.

1.Google Tasks

Google tasks are the newly added feature of Gmail in which you can drag emails to the Tasks folders to set a new list.  These lists also could be arranged according to date or manual. Assigning the subtasks, notes and dates are the other features that are also included.

2.Unsubscribe unwanted emails

This is Gmail’s best feature because these days, there are lots of unwanted emails received daily. With the help of this feature, you can easily find your important emails because it will separate your regular emails. It will recommend unsubscribing those emails which Based on your interaction.

3.Send and receive money 

This feature could make Gmail the best money transfer option in the world because through this you can get and received money on your Gmail account. You can Buy Bulk Gmail Accounts for more transactions. By clicking on the symbol of $ in the compose window.

4.Set expiry time

You can say that this feature is helping to manage your data because it allows you to set a limit of copying and downloading email and also set expiry date. You can search it in three-dot lines which card menu button will hold the top of the left corner of your account page.


5.Notification Feature

The notification feature is the best option to get your emails on time. This feature helps you get every email notification and also you can turn off unusual email. Buy bulk Gmail accounts if you want to get more notifications. It means that you will never miss your important emails with the help of this feature.

6.Snoozing the mails

This feature helps you to give your response at a suitable time. There is an option of the snooze in the window that looks like a clock. Just click on that and set your time for the reply.

7.Smart Compose

A predictive writing tool powered by machine learning that offers writing suggestions and improvements as you type your email. The recommendations are based on your regular style and are personalized for each user. The feature is activated by default, but if for any reason you need to do or undo it manually, go to Settings > General and enable the necessary option.

8.Smart Reply

You must have knowledge about smart replies if you have used the Gmail app. This feature helps you to give a quick reply by just clicking on them, saving the avoidable keystrokes when all you need to do is confirm a meeting time or acknowledge a mail.

9.Schedule Send

You can say that It is the best and best feature of Gmail. In this feature, you can send your emails at any time or date that was set by you. This option will be available after you schedule at least one email. Send scheduling is a convenient tool if your recipients from different time zone or don’t want to disturb the people on weekends and holidays.

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10.Offline Option

This feature helps you to check your emails that have already opened without any internet connection. You cannot receive or send new messages, you can read, search, draft, and delete old ones. Gmail can show you the last 30 days’ data with attachment but you can also increase this figure in setting up to 90. This offline option can be work if you have the latest version of Google Chrome.