Google Voice is a telephone service that provides easy voice and text messaging access, call forwarding and voicemail services to the account holders. It is a great tool to stay in touch with your customers. Following are the ten things you need to know before buying Google voice accounts


  • Always compare the prices before making the decision to buy accounts It is easy to assume that the cheaper offers are always fraud and should not be trusted. However that is not always the case. So you need be very careful to judge an authentic provider.
  • Before buying accounts you must know the identity, quality and experience of the seller, either it is a best quality product or not or the business is real or not so you need to be very careful before making any decision.
  • Now let us talk about the verified accounts. This is an important step when choosing to buy an account as most of the accounts that are sold online are usually fake. Buying an age verified account ensures that the account can be used without any difficulties and the details can be changed after first login.
  • It is also important to look at the payment methods endorsed on the site. PayPal and other third party money management services are more secure than direct bank transactions since there is minimal chances of identity or data theft. More often than not, these are the preferable methods of transactions.
  • Once you’ve bought the account and officially own credentials to it, you have to change the account details such as the icon, banner, bio, etc. before you begin promoting, marketing, or tweeting about your brand. This change needs to be swift and in a manner that attracts not only your existing followers, but new users towards your profile too.
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