How To Use Instagram On Apple Watch Series 7

The rise of smartwatches has made it easier than ever to stay connected to your favorite social media platforms, and the Apple Watch Series 7 is no exception. With Instagram now available on the Apple Watch, users can scroll through their feeds, view stories, and interact with their friends without ever needing to pull out their phones. In this article, we will explore how to set up and use Instagram on Apple Watch Series 7 to stay connected and engaged with your social network.

Setting up Instagram on Apple Watch Series 7

Before using Instagram on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to install the app on your iPhone and pair your watch with your phone.

Installing Instagram on your iPhone

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Search for “Instagram” and tap on the app.
  3. Tap “Get” to download and install the app.
  4. Sign in or create an account if you haven’t already.

Pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone

  1. Turn on your Apple Watch by pressing and holding the side button.
  2. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  3. Tap “Start Pairing” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Installing Instagram on your Apple Watch

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down to the “Available Apps” section.
  3. Find Instagram and tap “Install.”
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Navigating the Instagram Interface on Apple Watch

Once Instagram is installed, you can navigate the interface using the digital crown and touch gestures.

Accessing your feed

  1. Press the digital crown to access the app grid.
  2. Tap on the Instagram icon to open the app.
  3. Use the digital crown or swipe gestures to scroll through your feed.

Liking and commenting on posts

  1. Tap on a post to view it.
  2. Double-tap to like the post or tap the speech bubble icon to comment.
  3. Use voice input or scribble to enter your comment.

Viewing Instagram Stories

  1. From your feed, swipe left to access the Stories screen.
  2. Tap on a user’s profile picture to view their story.
  3. Swipe left or right to navigate between stories.

Maximizing the Instagram Experience on Apple Watch

To make the most of your Instagram experience on your Apple Watch, consider customizing notifications, utilizing voice input, and saving posts for later.

Customizing notifications

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap “Notifications.”
  3. Scroll down to Instagram and customize your notification preferences.

Utilizing voice input

  1. When commenting on a post or replying to a message, tap the microphone icon.
  2. Speak your message clearly.
  3. Tap “Done” to send the message or tap “Cancel” to discard it.

Saving posts for later

  • While viewing a post, press and hold the post.
  • Tap the bookmark icon to save the post.
  • Access saved posts later in the Instagram app on your iPhone.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

In case you encounter any issues while using Instagram on your Apple Watch, here are some troubleshooting tips.

Connectivity issues

  1. Check that both your iPhone and Apple Watch have an active internet connection.
  2. Ensure your iPhone is within Bluetooth range of your Apple Watch.
  3. Try restarting both your iPhone and Apple Watch.
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App crashes

  1. Close the Instagram app on your Apple Watch by pressing the side button and swiping the app off the screen.
  2. Restart the Instagram app on your Apple Watch.
  3. If the issue persists, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Updating the Instagram app

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on your profile icon and go to “Purchased” or “Updates.”
  3. Find Instagram and update the app if an update is available.


Instagram on Apple Watch Series 7 offers a convenient way to stay connected to your favorite social media platform while on the go. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can set up Instagram on your Apple Watch, navigate the interface, maximize your experience, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Stay engaged with your Instagram community right from your wrist.


  1. Can I upload photos to Instagram from my Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, you cannot upload photos directly from your Apple Watch. However, you can still like, comment, and view posts from your feed and Instagram Stories.

  1. Does Instagram on Apple Watch support direct messages?

As of now, Instagram on Apple Watch does not support direct messaging. You will need to use your iPhone to send and receive direct messages on Instagram.

  1. Is there a way to customize my Instagram feed on Apple Watch?

No, your Instagram feed on Apple Watch mirrors your feed on your iPhone. Any changes made to your feed on your iPhone will be reflected on your Apple Watch.

  1. Can I view IGTV videos on my Apple Watch?

Currently, IGTV videos are not supported on Instagram for Apple Watch. You can watch IGTV videos on your iPhone or other devices with the Instagram app.

  1. Will my Apple Watch battery life be affected by using Instagram?

Using any app on your Apple Watch, including Instagram, may contribute to battery consumption. However, the impact on battery life will depend on your usage patterns and device settings. To maximize battery life, consider customizing your notifications and display settings.