Top 12 Best IGTV Content Ideas in 2023 Dont Miss It

 Best IGTV Content Ideas

In today’s digital age, IGTV (Instagram Tv) has become a popular platform for content creators and brands to reach and engage with their audience. With the continuous growth of IGTV, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and create content that stands out from the competition. In this article, we will explore the 12 best IGTV content ideas in 2023 that will help you increase engagement, grow your followers, and enhance your brand’s presence on the platform.

Importance of IGTV in 2023

As Instagram continues to evolve, IGTV has become a crucial aspect of the platform, offering long-form video content that caters to a diverse audience. With its vertical format, IGTV has become the go-to destination for users to consume content on the go. Brands and content creators can leverage IGTV to engage with their audience in a more intimate and interactive way, ultimately boosting their reach and growing their follower base.

The Power of Engaging Content

Creating engaging content is the key to unlocking the full potential of IGTV. It not only helps you gain followers but also fosters a strong connection between your brand and your audience. By utilizing the right content strategies and focusing on your audience’s needs, you can successfully captivate your viewers and keep them coming back for more.

12 Best IGTV Content Ideas

1. Behind-the-Scenes Footage

People love getting an insider’s look into the workings of their favorite brands and creators. Sharing behind-the-scenes footage allows you to showcase your brand’s personality and gives your audience a glimpse of what goes on behind the camera.


2. Interviews and Q&A Sessions

Conducting interviews and Q&A sessions with industry experts, influencers, or even your own team members can provide valuable insights and spark engaging conversations with your audience.

3. Product Demonstrations and Reviews

Showcase your products or services in action by creating product demonstrations or sharing honest reviews. This type of content not only educates your audience but also helps build trust in your brand.

4. Tutorials and How-to Videos

Create instructional content to help your audience learn something new or solve a problem. Tutorials and how-to videos are a great way to establish your expertise and provide value to your viewers.

5. Live Streaming Events

Bring your audience closer to the action by live-streaming events, product launches, or special announcements. Live streaming helps create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, making your audience feel more connected to your brand.

6. Collaborations with Influencers

Partner with influencers or industry experts to create compelling content that resonates with your target audience. Collaborations can help expand your reach, attract new followers, and boost your brand’s credibility.

7. Mini-documentaries

Create mini-documentaries that delve into a specific topic, tell a captivating story, or showcase the impact of your brand’s initiatives. These videos can be both informative and entertaining, making them a powerful tool for engaging your audience.

8. Virtual Tours

Give your audience a virtual tour of your office, production facility, or an exciting location related to your brand. Virtual tours can help your viewers feel more connected to your brand and offer a unique perspective they may not get elsewhere.

9. Contests and Giveaways

Run contests and giveaways on IGTV to incentivize user engagement and encourage more people to follow your account. This type of content can create excitement and buzz around your brand, leading to increased visibility and growth.

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10. Highlight Reels and Compilations

Showcase your brand’s best moments by creating highlight reels or compilations. These videos can feature your most popular content, memorable events, or achievements, giving your audience a snapshot of your brand’s journey and accomplishments.

11. Personal Stories and Vlogs

Share personal stories or vlogs to connect with your audience on a deeper level. By being authentic and relatable, you can foster a strong sense of community and loyalty among your followers.

12. Educational and Informational Content

Offer educational and informational content that addresses your audience’s needs and interests. This type of content can help position your brand as an industry leader and a valuable resource for your viewers.

Tips for Creating Engaging IGTV Content

  • Plan and script your videos to ensure a smooth flow and clear message.
  • Pay attention to video quality, lighting, and sound for a professional finish.
  • Edit your videos to eliminate unnecessary segments and maintain viewer interest.
  • Include captions or subtitles to make your content accessible to a wider audience.
  • Use calls to action to encourage engagement and drive desired outcomes.


Creating captivating IGTV content ideas is essential for any brand or content creator looking to grow their presence on Instagram in 2023. By experimenting with these 12 content ideas and focusing on your audience’s needs, you can create videos that resonate, engage, and ultimately, convert viewers into loyal followers.


  1. How long can IGTV videos be? IGTV videos can be up to 60 minutes long for verified accounts and up to 15 minutes for unverified accounts.
  2. Can I monetize my IGTV content? Yes, Instagram offers the IGTV Ads program, allowing content creators to monetize their videos through advertisements.
  3. What video format should I use for IGTV? IGTV supports vertical (9:16) and horizontal (16:9) video formats, with a preferred vertical format for a more immersive mobile viewing experience.
  4. How can I promote my IGTV videos? You can promote your IGTV videos by sharing previews on your Instagram feed, creating Instagram Stories, or running targeted ads.
  5. What is the ideal video length for IGTV? The ideal video length for IGTV depends on your content and audience preferences. However, it’s important to keep your videos concise and engaging to maintain viewer interest.