7 Reasons You Must be using Google Voice

Google Voice has been out for years, however many of us within the U.S. still haven’t given it an attempt. Google Voice offers several features you can’t get elsewhere, and the majority of them are free.

Google voice accounts

There are ways to register for Google Voice outside of the U.S., however, even though you manage to do therefore you’ll be left with US number. That’s a small amount awkward if you reside outside the US.

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Place and Receive Calls from Gmail

Google permits anyone to put free calls to the U.S. and North American nation from Gmail. However, these calls can appear to come back from a random shared number that your recipients won’t acknowledge. If you turn to Google Voice, calls you place from Gmail can seem to come back from your own personal Google Voice range.

Best of all, you’ll even receive incoming calls in Gmail and answer them from your pc. Google Voice integration is now a part of Google Hangouts, therefore it’s also integrated into Google+ and also the

Text from Any Browser or Phone

Google Voice conjointly offers free texting. You’ll send and receive texts in your browser from the Google Voice web site or via the Google Voice Chrome extension. The official Google Voice mobile app conjointly offers free texts, therefore you’ll text for free of charge from your phone with none unofficial apps.

This conjointly offers you AN archive of your texts you’ll search on-line — you won’t lose your texts once you reset your phone or get a brand new one.

Easy Number portability

Google Voice offers you a special range that permits you to forward your calls to different numbers. Once you set this up and provides everybody your Google Voice range, you’ll be able to a lot of simply switch phones within the future. As an example, if you progress from one cellular carrier to a different, you don’t need to bear the quality method of porting a cellular phone range — you’ll simply get a wholly new cellular phone range and forward your main Google Voice range thereto.

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Google conjointly offers how to port your existing phone to Google Voice if you’d rather not provide everybody your new Google Voice number. This is often one in every of the few Google Voice options that prices cash — the opposite being international calls outside the U.S. and North American nation.

Voicemail with Transcription

Google Voice provides voicemail, however, it doesn’t simply offer you a bit of audio to pay attention to. Google Voice uses Google’s advanced speech recognition technology to transcribe your voicemail, turning it into legible text. If Google Voice messes up the transcription or you’d simply rather hear the initial message, you’ll conjointly hear the connected audio file.

Call Forwarding With Rules

This service doesn’t simply permit you to forward your calls to one range. You’ll discover rules and priorities — mechanically forwarding calls to your workplace phone throughout sure hours of the day and to your cellular phone throughout the remainder of the day, as an example. You’ll even have Google Voice ring one phone and still different phones if you don’t answer. As an example, it might decision your home phone, work phone, so cellular phone so as if you don’t answer any of them.

Block Phone Numbers

For some reason, the obstruction phone numbers aren’t usually simple even if we tend to sleep in 2013. Google Voice permits you to dam calls from specific numbers. The decision can receive a “Number not in service” message once they call you, therefore this could even fool telemarketers into removing your signal from their lists.

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Switch Phones throughout a call

Because of the approach Google Voice handles telephony, you’ll switch phones throughout a decision. Whereas on a decision, press the * button on your phone and your different connected phones can ring. Choose one up and you’ll continue the decision while not hanging up — excellent for if your cellular phone is near to die or for change between a phone line and cell phones on the go.

These aren’t the sole fascinating Google Voice options. Google Voice conjointly offers a simple setup of conference calls and therefore the ability to record calls, among several different options. If you’re within the U.S. and haven’t gotten around to watching Google Voice nonetheless, you ought to register and check out it out.

As with several Google products within the wake of Google Reader’s closedown, some peopleare involved that Google Voice could also be during a frenzyin a spherical of spring improvement. It’s not possible to inform if this may happen, however, Google told Wired that “Google Voice is an outstanding a part of our communications team… We’re not attending to leave those users high and dry.” in Gregorian calendar month 2013. Google Voice has conjointly recently been integrated into Google Hangouts. The long run won’t look astonishingly sunny for Google Voice, particularly since it hasn’t been unrolled internationally, however, there are not any real indications that Google is designing a closedown any time presently.