5 Way To Search Email into Gmail accounts

Do you know that Gmail has impressive search accessibility?
If you are a new user of Gmail then you might ignore the search bar on the top of inbox or you do not know how to take advantage of its features. Maybe you do not think that how productive it could be. Maybe you think it will take you back to Google search Web.
Whatever your reason for not utilizing the Gmail search bar, but it’s time to think again to utilize it properly to save your time and to enhance your proficiency and productivity.


As we know that Google is famous for its top-notch search engine so we should think about it that it could also be an impressive and powerful tool for Gmail as well. Have you ever lost an essential email from your client or colleague? If you really know that what is the pain to find a lost email or you have misfiled or send it to trash.
As a Business owner or As an Employee one should know the complete use of Gmail search bar to save your time and help yourself to organize Inbox. It’s really productive and time-saving. If you do not know the clear way about these tools then there is no issue, there are many ways to overwhelm. It does not require Hours or Days, within minutes you can overcome this issue.
There are Many ways to make useful the Search bar, Some of them are mentioned bellow:

1.) You can Search an email by content we use in the subject line, it could be a keyword or any phrase it can be searched easily because Gmail recognizes all keyword phrases and lines. For instance if you are searching any content which doesn’t specify any specific keyword or phrases you can also use any symbol while searching.

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2.) Another way to find any email by putting the email addresses of potential senders and recipients in the search bar, through this easy way you can easily find any email.

3.) It can also be filtered by an attachment or file which has been attached by senders or recipients. For example, if you know that a file or attachment has been received or sent with the name of “ Accounts” so you can easily find it by putting this name in search bar.it can also be found by the name of PDF which is attached.

4.) An email can be filtered by a Star, Read, Snoozed, or Unread. They all have a same function, helping you to search emails and their contents. You can find these functions to track down the specific areas.

5.) There are four search operators that assist you to find any message that was sent or received during a particular time period they could be after, before, older, and newer. The date format also matters follow the YYYY/MM/DD format to ensure you get desired results.

6.) Emails can also be filtered by Message category and size. Search filters help us to find by category like social updates. There are few different ways to search by file or attachment size. You will be able to search for larger or smaller file sizes than the size you type in the bytes. For more details visit this website Gmail accounts for sale.

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