10 Hidden Gmail Tricks You've Never Heard Of…

10 Hidden Gmail Tricks You’ve Never Heard Of…


Gmail is the most popular email service. Gmail just not for checking the emails, but more than it. Gmail Pva Account has many hidden features that you should know. We are providing some hidden Gmail tricks and features that takes sending, managing and organizing your emails to the next level. So to become a Gmail’s powerful user, check out these tips below.


Undo A Sent Message

Sometimes we regret the message we have just sent to someone. If this happens to you also, no need to worry. Here is an option to undo a sent message in Gmail. Firstly, Go to settings then General tab after it ticks “enable undo send.” You will have 5 to 30 seconds – it is according to the time that you set for it – to stop an email that is in the processing to send. Click the undo to cancel a message during this time.


Import Other Email Addresses

If you have legacy POP3 Gmail message addresses that you access in other mail customers, you have the option to set up those email message to be delivered straight to Gmail inbox. For it Go to Settings then Accounts and Import, then Check message from other accounts. Now insert your other POP3 email and track the subsequent stages to have your messages sent to Gmail.


Block Users

Is someone irritating you by sending emails? No need to fight with an annoying person to stop emails, Gmail has a feature that allows you to block someone. Click on the drop-down button from an email that person has sent to you after it chooses block button. That person will not be able to post any email to you.

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Dots Don’t Matter

There is a secret of Gmail that maybe you did not know. The dots in the email address before @Gmail does not matter. Email sending to your.name.321@gmail.com is as same as yourname321@gmail.com. It could be surprising for you.


Mute Email Threads

If email threads are annoying you, or you do not want to deal with it right now. Gmail allows you to mute notifications for a new message in the thread. Click on the More button that is at the top toolbar and then select Mute.


Add A + To Your Email

Another tip for Gmail is that you have the option to add a + at the end of the name of your Gmail account and persons who email at the + address will still send their emails to you. E.g., if your email address is yourname321@gmail.com, you can sign up to a newsletter of any website with the email address yourname321@gmail.com+newsletter@gmail.com and people that send you to email that address will get through to you.

Why do you need to do this? Because after it, you can filter the addresses that have + in your emails list to sort through all your newsletter.


Use Google Drive

Gmail gives you 25MB attachment limit. But if you want to send a data file through email that is larger than it. You can add the file to Google Drive, after it in the Gmail compose window, click on the Drive button and choose the file.


See If Anyone Else Is Accessing Your Gmail

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One more excellent feature of Google is that you can see if anyone else is accessing your Gmail without your knowledge. For it, click on the “Last Account Activity Details” that is at the bottom of the inbox, and you can see the location and IP address from where your Gmail has been accessed.


Make A Call From Gmail

Gmail lets you call your contacts. For it download the Google talk plugin for hangouts. After it clicks on the “make a call” (link available in the Gmail inbox), then type the contact number of the person whom you want to talk.


Add Emoji

Yep, even Gmails also has emojis. Users can add them as many as they want to add to their email. If you want to add emojis, click on the toolbar search at the bottom of the window.