How to buy a promoted website?

A fully justified desire to buy a promoted website that can bring its owner an income and become a stable source of dividends, today is increasingly finding opportunities for implementation.

In particular, responding to demand, the market has long been ready to offer Internet users the opportunity to buy sites on special exchanges, where you can choose a resource according to their capabilities and needs.

Of course, adherents of earning income from “self-made” sites have their reasons. Despite the need to spend time and effort, most of these projects do not require serious financial investments.

And this means that you can simultaneously develop two, and three, and a dozen sites. But such a stream-based approach sometimes harms the quality, and the lack of experience/knowledge in the luggage of beginner webmasters often causes serious errors, which also does not accelerate the process of website promotion.

It is much easier to buy an already monetized and quite successful site, with a constant volume of traffic, which allows you to get a stable monthly income. But here there are pitfalls: a possible decrease in site appvalley traffic and its issuance positions caused by a change in the policy of maintaining the resource, a change in subject matter, and a decrease in the intensity of filling pages with fresh relevant information.

There can be many reasons. But, as a rule, with a competent approach, all these problems can be solved in a short time. And the success of the site will only grow.

But where is it worth buying sites that meet all the requirements of quality and popularity? Among the existing site exchanges, Teldery enjoys special trust among the user audience – a relatively “young” and actively developing project aimed at helping to implement and acquire web resources.

Buy website promotion

Website exchanges make it possible to secure a purchase and sale transaction taking place in the webspace, make it more transparent. It is with the help of the Telderi website exchange that thousands of successful transactions are carried out monthly, fully guaranteeing the interests of both the seller and the buyer.

What about the sites sold on Telderi?

The average transaction amount is about 400 USD

The most popular resources are those devoted to web topics, SEO, and making money on the Internet – they are the ones that are sold and bought the fastest.

The highest value for sale/purchase is observed at sites dedicated to conducting commercial activities in trade or real estate (1.5 – 2 times higher than average prices)

The most popular sites located in the domain zones “com” and “ru”

Delivery allows you to filter search results by site monetization methods. In particular, if wishes are indicated in choosing a site participating in the work of link exchanges, then in issuing results you will receive resources that fully comply with the stated requirements.

So, if you want to buy a promoted website that fully meets all the requirements for successful web resources – welcome to the Telderi exchange, where you can always find exactly what you need.