Google Drive Tips and hacks

No doubt, Google Drive is one of the most accomplished cloud storage available in the tech market. Launched on 12 April 2012, the world’s largest web search engine company, Google introduced its first cloud storage to the world in the form of Google Drive. The principal purpose of Google Drive is to store the files and documents beyond the limit of your hard drive. It offers you to put the online backup of the files without expanding your hard drive. Google has achieved so much popularity so far thanks to its homegrown suite including Docs, and a vast range of third-party applications. Google Drive allows you to store any kind of files like Pdf, videos, photos, and excel sheets also. Here we present the tips and tricks of Google Drive.

#1: Free File Storage

Just after signing in with a personal account on any of the platforms of Google like Gmail, Drive, or Docs, you’ll get the 15GB of storage to store your online backup. Keep one thing in mind that all non-native Google files like PDF, Microsoft, PPTs, and other things would be count in your 15GB of storage rather than its files like docs, Google sheets, and slides. If you want to upgrade your Google account, then there’s a service available named Google One.

#2: Drag and drop option

According to Indiashoppers, when you open the Drive interface, you see a big ‘New’ button on the screen. You can skip that part and upload it via drag option to drop the files from the Windows and macOS with easily. Drive has the option of at the bottom of the interface in the form of a cloud with an upward arrow represent the drag and drops sign into Google Drive’s flies.

#3: Direct share files via Gmail

Don’t you like the attachment limit of 25MB? If you’re using Google Drive and Gmail, then it’s beneficial as you can send up to 10GB of files at one time. First, you have to upload the files on Google Drive, then compose the message in Gmail. Choose the option of attaching and tap the insert from the drive option at the bottom of the composing the Gmail screen. Tap the documents you want to add and send it.

#4: Change into Google Docs Format

With the help of drag and drop, you can just store the backup of flies. But how you’ll access them after uploading thanks to its ‘open with’ option available. Upload a document on Google Drive, then click the right button to select the option of ‘Open with’ after hovering the cursor on it. After that, you’ll see the sub-menu of all choices, which help to convert it. It doesn’t make the change in the original file.

#5: Scan words from pictures

The one more unique feature you get in the form of a scanning image from Google Drive mobile app. If you hate the typing, then it allows making the searchable text from the picture. Click a photo of a recipe, menu, store hours, upload it on Google Drive and it’ll scan it, then you get the searchable text. This feature isn’t available on the iOS app.

#6: Collect information via forms

There’s one of the best apps in Google Drive, which allows you to collect the data from others called Google Forms. Think of a public survey and set it up on a poll or survey and share it with others. The information you’ll get the participants store on the Google Spreadsheets. It has some features like a progress bar which allows noting the respondent’s time. 

#7: Feature of voice type in Google docs

If you get an assignment and you don’t want to type it, Google Docs has a fantastic feature of Voice Type in the toolbox. Press Ctrl+Shift+S to open the voice typing in docs, then you’ll notice an icon of the microphone on the interface next to the document. Click on it and speak the text, and Google will put a red line of the text, that it heard from you. You can make the changes in the format without touching the mouse.

#8: Control the access to security

if you work with persons and there’s something that you want to share, then Google allows you to set the permissions on the files. The document lets you display the file with distinct personalities in your office, organization, or web. It offers whether users should be able to comment, view, and edit the file or not. You can apply for Website Developer Jobs to know about this field.

#9: Offline access on files

If you’re working on a file and suddenly you realize that your mobile data going to end the next day, then Google allows you to make it on offline mode. Open a sheet, slide, or docs, click on the three dots at the upper right and switch it in to ‘Available Offline’ mode. Next time, you’ll work with the file, the changes synchronize with Google Drive.

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