Gmail is a free email service it is advanced by provides initial storage to the users and this storage is being increased time to time according to the users need. This storage started from 1 gigabyte and till 2018 it reaches to more than 15 gigabytes.
It looks like that it has been launched yesterday, would you believe that Gmail has turned 15 years old. It debuted on 1 April 2004 and now it has more than 1.5 billion celebrate this big achievement Google has announced more features. These days almost everyone is using Gmail but only a few of them know all the features and tricks which have been added by Google since last 15 years. Still, most of the features are unknown to the people; here we are illustrating some best features you might not have found yet.
Some best features have been illustrated below:

  • Now replying on the emails is as easy as reading previously it was quite tricky to reply but
    Gmail made it very easy by Smart Reply. An email can be easily replied or Answered by
    using the Reply button at the end of the particular email we have to answer and by using the reply sign at the top of the email.
  • Another one of the best features is Gmail Search. You can easily sear our desired emails by using keywords, phrases, snooze, read, unread, older newer, starred, or by using Subject line etc. the search bar tool is quite easy to use so this is also one of the best time saving tools.
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  • As we have discussed it is really to reply on, similarly, it is also easy to Compose an email by using smart compose feature. It helps us by suggesting some words which write next. The smart compose also helps us to correct our spelling mistakes.
  • After sending an email with a glaring typo or accidentally hitting reply or reply all or something you sent in the email and you immediately regret, Gmail is really helpful to overcome our regret by using Undo within 30 seconds after sending an email.
  • If you are someone who uses multiple Gmail accounts while working so no need to be worried the option to switch Accounts is also given you can switch your account effortlessly by logging out from one Account to signing in another Account, Gmail solved this issue in 2014.
  1. Confidential Mode allows you to add expiry dates in your emails in order to ensure the privacy of the information Gmail has introduced this feature last year. This mode also stops to copy or print the message.
  • One of the most useful features is Gmail offline, it can be enabled in settings by using this feature you can easily read and respond even when you are not connected to the internet. This feature can only be used Gmail offline Chrome browser window.
  • You can also use your Gmail to send money to any email address without charges. You can also accept money if someone is sending to you. You can avail this facility by using your Google pay balance, debit card, or your bank account linked to Google pay.
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  • Another new and useful function of Gmail is opening the attachments from the home page. Now you can easily view and download attachments, whether these are word docs, PDFs or JPGs. Just find the email the attachment will be clearly visible to you at home page. Now you can easily filter your emails by this feature.
  • Gmail has also introduced another very important feature, which is better spam flag with this new feature the banner is now bigger and carries more information.

Now the banners are available with color-coded. If the threat is not huge the banner will be in gray color it will be converted into red color if the threat is larges. For more details visit to website : Gmail pva accounts