Gmail accounts for sale

Gmail accounts have a lot of features that are only used by Gmail users while no other email services cannot provide such facilities as Gmail provides. However, there are some terms and conditions of using the services and features of Gmail accounts. And when a person or user across these terms and conditions, then Google had the right of taking action against it. We have Gmail accounts for sale and when you will get these accounts from us, and then we will tell you more and more about the terms and conditions of Gmail.


Terms and conditions of Gmail

Without having terms and conditions, no one email service or social app can get their aims and goals. So it is important to create terms and conditions if you want promotion and success, even you are running any type of business or app. However, here we will tell you some important terms and conditions of Gmail.

Account inactivity

Your account can be blocked by Google and all your messages and data will be deleting. But it will come when you will not use your Gmail account for 2 years. However, if you have a login to your Gmail accounts even once, then your account will stay safe. While if you will not give a response to your Gmail account, then it will become inactive and all your data will be deleted.


You are not allowed to your Gmail account for harassment. Because, it is known as illegal activity and if you will be caught in this case while using your Gmail account, then Google can take action against you.

Age limit

If you are a child, then you cannot use Gmail. Because Google prohibited children from using this service. However, if you want to use the services of Gmail, then it is important that you are a minimum of 13 years old or older than it. While, if you are overage, then there are no problems with using this mail service.

Child safety

If you want to use Gmail then you should accept the policy of children’s safety. Because Google respects children and due to this it is not the only policy of Gmail, but any type of Google tool user will be responsible for respecting children.

All rights will be reserved by Google

If you want to use Gmail accounts, then you should accept all terms and conditions of Gmail. And accept it, that all rights and assets are reserved by Google. And all policies will be made by Google related to Gmail.

There are many other terms and conditions of Gmail and if you want to create or use Gmail accounts, then you should accept these terms and conditions. While it is important to note here that if you will break any role of Gmail, then Gmail can treat with you as Gmail want.

Is it illegal to sell Gmail accounts?

If you want to create Gmail accounts, then you can create only 2 Gmail accounts on your device and phone number. But as you know that these days email marketing business is at the top and if you want to participate in this business, then you should need to use multiple Gmail accounts. While you can buy Gmail accounts for your business.