Creation of new Gmail account in 2021

If you are using emails for several years, then it is possible that you will use Hotmail as well as Yahoo Mail. If these email services are used by you, then surely you will be tired of the limitations of these email services. Because both these emails consist of limited features which are only for some users, while the most number of users cannot use different features of these emails. However, we suggest you to try Gmail, because when you will use Gmail, then you will forget other mail services because all your needs will be completed through the Gmail service. You can create a Gmail account in 2021. But it is important to note here that without phone verification, you cannot create a Gmail account. But if you want to use Gmail accounts for your business, then you should buy Gmail accounts, because you cannot create multiple Gmail accounts.

The process of creating a Gmail account consists of some simple and limited steps. So when you will follow these steps, then you can easily create a Gmail account for making relationships with your relatives and friends.

Process of creation Gmail account

  • For creation an account on Gmail, you should visit to on your device whether it is a computer as well a mobile device.
  • There will be a box for entering your username, if you have already an account of Gmail. However, if you are a new user then click on “Create Account”.
  • When you will click on “Create Account”, then you should choose your first name and last name. After selecting your first and last name, you should choose your username for your Gmail account. You can set a manually username or you can select Google provided name. However, it will be shown in the future as your username. So selecting the username, you should select a username that is easy for remembering for you.
  • For creating a phone verified account, it is important to enter your phone number. It should keep in mind that this number will be helpful for you in the future. So before selecting a phone number, you should choose a number that is registered in your own name.
  • You will get a verification code on your selective mobile number. This code will be consisting of 6 digits. You should put this code in the box of verification.
  • After entering 6 digits code, you will be asked some questions about your personal life like your birthday, etc. this is an important step and in this step, you can add a recovery email. And in the future, if your Gmail account is blocked, then you get to recover it through recovery email.
  • There are some terms and conditions of Google related to Gmail and if you want to create a Gmail account. And it is important to accept all these terms and conditions, while if you will ignore this step, then you cannot create a Gmail account. When you will accept these, then you will get your Gmail account with username and password.
  • By following the above steps, you can get a Gmail account, while through this method, you can get only a single Gmail account, while if you want to use Gmail accounts for your business, and then you can buy Gmail accounts from us.