Buying followers for social sites such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. is perhaps one of the most common search terms on HOTMAIL. While there are many services out there that promises to give your followers numbers a huge boost, it is no surprise that

  • most of those accounts are fake or overrun by bots. Afterwards, whether you run your social media account manually or you use an automated software, it will be really tough for you to get the accounts that are created with unique profile picture, cover photo, and IP address.
  • In order to avoid being “exposed” on the internet for fake followers, it would be a much wiser decision to invest in taking over an authentic account with real followers who would fall under the target demographic to be your audience or customers. It would be wise to buy only those accounts which are active and has a good number of followers. There is no point of purchasing or investing your money on fake and dead accounts.
  • you should seek services that offer accounts which are either verified by email or by a phone number. Double verification will be ideal but will cost you a few more bucks. Choosing a proper verified account will aid you in creating a brand where you will stay properly connected with the audience you select as your customers without worrying about losing your account at any moment.
  • While there are overwhelmingly large amount of websites offering various packages for authentic accounts, the risk of being scammed is still very high. Before going ahead with the payment, try to gauge your options.
  • Another variable when selecting a dealer site to buy an account from is the prices of the accounts in offer. It is easy to assume that the cheaper offers are more likely a fraud and should not be trusted. However that is not always the case. There is no guarantee that an overpriced and expensive offer is any more authentic then the cheaper one and thus, thorough research and comparative evaluation is necessary before taking the final dive and proceeding with the payment.
  • It is essential, at this stage, to implement creative marketing strategies and add witty and quirky humor in your tweets so as to not bore your audience. Although the means of obtaining the accounts may have not been entirely honest or admirable, a business which operates on ethical awareness will be able to get over this barrier and build a loyal fan base on the new platforms.