A Guide to Optimizing Gmail: The Best Email Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

Email is the keystone of a person’s professional and personal communications. You are also using emails for office work, business, and other own life works, and many people want attention in your email inbox.

If you are using Gmail to send or receive emails when there are many ways to sort, arrange and customize to an app to make it more manageable.Here we are providing best email tips, tricks, and hacks on searching, organizing and automating Gmail. We divided it into three sections.

  • Optimize Your Inbox
  • Make Use of Labels
  • Master Advanced Search and Filters 

Optimize Your Inbox:

The first thing you need to optimize your inbox to organized your Gmail. You should learn how effectively you can navigate your inbox. 

  • Start with Keyboard Shortcuts

The built-in shortcuts of the keyboard are the most significant way to use the Gmail. Maybe it takes time around a week to be a master in it, but after you learned, it will take seconds to read and to organize your email inbox.

Gmail already has some shortcuts enabled, but you need to turn on full commands. Here are a few steps for it,

  • Go on the gear icon (at the top right of Gmail inbox).
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Go to the “Keyboard Shortcuts.”
  • Click on the “Keyboard shortcuts on” (bullet beside).
  • Save your settings.

After these steps, you will be able to use a keyboard to navigate, compose and read emails. You should use some useful commands such as;

  • r – Reply to the email you are viewing
  • l – Add a label to the email you are seeing/ – Place the cursor in a search box
  • Pick the Inbox Look that Works Right for You 

Gmail team likes to do a test; Gmail has five categories for your inbox. It also has a tabbed system that sorts emails automatically according to subjects. If you also want to change your layout for the mailbox, go to “settings” and select the “Inbox type.”

Here is the analysis for each type so that you can choose which one is best for you.

Default: most of the chances are that you are using now the default option. In it you receive all the emails in the order they came in. It is good to know the timeline of your emails but could be converted into a mess when you get flooded with lots of emails.

Important first: the second category is for important emails. A yellow marker uses for high priority messages that show at the top of the inbox. If you want essential emails, then you can trust Gmail, it will pull the right and essential emails for you.

Unread first: This one is for people who firstly desirous to read the unread emails. This inbox type filters all unread emails and shows them at the top instead of recent emails.

Starred first: This type is quite similar to the critical first type. You will use stars to give priority to your emails instead of the critical marker.

Priority Inbox: this one is complicated but the most automated option. It gives priority to emails in which you interact the most. It is a powerful layout when Gmail starts to understand your email habits.

  • Decide on the Best Display Density 

A small tip, on top of how you want to display your inbox, be sure to set “display density.” This feature is quick to use from the gear icon in the top right corner, changes the design between the fundamentals of your inbox.

  • Turn on Personal Level Indicators 

See the small arrows in the yellow signs? These arrows are for to know you if that message is for only to you, mailing list or a group.

  • >> – This for Only to you
  • > – This is for a group
  • No arrow – This is for to a mailing list
  • To turn on it, go to the general tab in settings.
  • Mute Group messages that Do Not Apprehension You

If you are stuck in a group conversation thread and it is no more important to you, there is a way to move out without eliminating the conversation; you need do to “mute” it. For this, click on the icon “More” after it an open message and click “Mute.”

  • Get All Email at One Place

Suppose you have three Gmail accounts one for personal, for contact and work. It is a hassle of a sign in and out of all the accounts to check mail. Gmail can place emails from up to 5 different Gmail accounts.

  • Customize the Left Navigation 

You can modify the left navigation that shows on the Gmail screen to display direct links to emails with those labels. There are three alternatives for showing these direct links: hide, show, and show if unread. This will help to choose which topic you need to attend. For it, open “settings,” click on the “labels” and select the label you want.


  • Find the Label System for You:

Gmail uses labels to organize content and tag into sets, which work according to your way. Labels are an excellent way to slight the number of emails that you receive into searchable and manageable categories. Labels are more accessible to add; user can either make a new label by the left column of navigation or with the drop down tags on any email.

  • Trigger Automation:

After adding a label, the good chance is that some of the following steps in your work include action outdoor of your inbox. That is wherever automation Zapier app can be an enormous time saver. The app works via setting up a rule of automation that is when an incident occurs in one app, activate an event in another app that can hold one of 350 apps, also includes Gmail Accounts.

Master Filters and Advanced Search

  • Access Advanced Search

If you look for a statement of a bank from three years ago, typing the name of a bank into the search bar would not do enough. Here is the advanced search originates.Go to the right side of the search and click on the grey arrow,Click on the small grey arrow on the right-hand side of the search box; you can disclose a group of different ways to slice-and-dice search. In advanced search, you can filter by:

  • Folders
  • Labels
  • Senders and receivers
  • Subject lines
  • Words within the email
  • Emails that contain attachments
  • The range of date when the email got
  • Set Up Automation with Gmail Filters 

In the drop-down of advanced search, you can set up upcoming inbox automation titled filters. Filters show a lot of possibilities:

Filters work with all Gmail searches, and lets to automate activities like labeling, and priority. For it, you need to set up start in an advanced search after it clicks “Create filter with this search” that is present at the right-hand corner in a bottom of the search box.What are your best Gmail tips, tricks, and hacks that support you keep your Gmail inbox under control? We would love to hear, tell us in the comment section!  if you are looking best quality accounts then visit this website Buy gmail Accounts